The Origin

Chicago’s Black Culture Week was birthed by a brainstorming session amongst members of the Hip Hop and Millennial Generations that sought to answer the following question: How can we encourage greater collaboration amongst the Black community, in particular those once considered the Hip Hop Generation, in efforts to save, sustain and build upon our cultural and community legacy?

The question was posed to a group of friends and colleagues, whose answers and the ideas turned into a concept that settled on Black Culture Week as its title. Today, the small group is a growing community-minded collective committed to turning their answers and ideas into a reality. So...

...In the spirit of Juneteenth, also known as Black Independence Day, we are dedicated to creating, celebrating and highlighting the gatherings, events, businesses, institutions and actions that celebrate Black people, show reverence for Black accomplishments, and act as models for Black culture.

The Theme

Celebrate. Commemorate. Collaborate. 

Celebrate: Give thanks and praise for Black culture and Black success.

Commemorate: Perform a ritual in honor of Black culture and the Black experience.  

Collaborate: Take deliberate action to work and/or do business with other members of the Black community and those who support them.

We hope this mission/vision resonates with you, and that you will join us in making Black Culture Week a reality 365 days of the year.