Black Culture Week

Our Mission

Black Culture Week celebrates Black freedom, Black families, Black communities, and Black health. It amplifies Black people and the life-affirming values and principles that sustain us. 


Our Vision

Imagine contiguous city blocks promoting Black culture, selling Black goods, providing Black services, and producing Black art.

Music fills the air. The sound of drums keeps the beat. Laughter is heard. Dancing is seen. The aroma of love, freedom and good food floats along in the breeze. Projecting health is on everyone’s mind. Improving wellness is the order of the day. Community residents resonate with confident humility. Our institutions are just and reflect the values and principles that we hold dear. The world joins us in celebration. We are happy to be alive, to be here, and to be well.

Our History

Black Culture Week was created out of decades of culture-based community curation and organizing, all dedicated to the help, health and elevation of the Black community. After an initial call to action and several subsequent meetings, a small group of committed advocates, organizers and social entrepreneurs emerged with the moniker the Black Culture Collective. We have been working ever since.